Karimata islands have amazing ecosystems such as mangroves and tropical forests with stunning underwater scenery. It was appointed as the Karimata Island Marine Nature Reserve in 1985 covering as area of 77,000 hectares

Kayong Utara Articles

October 17, 2017

Seleksi Jambore Pemuda Indonesia Kabupaten Kayong Utara

Pemerintah Kabupaten Kayong Utara, melalui Dinas Pemuda dan Olahraga, menggelar seleksi Jambore Pemuda Indonesia yang […]
October 17, 2017

Kayong Utara Telah Membentuk KPAD

Kabupaten Kayong Utara dalam usaha mengawal perlindungan anak di daerah, telah membentuk Komisi Perlindungan Anak […]
October 13, 2017

KPU Kayong Utara Persiapkan PPK Dan PPS

Rapat Koordinasi Komisi Pemilihan Umum Daerah Kabupaten Kayong Utara dengan Instansi terkait dalam rangka persiapan […]
October 13, 2017

Pencanangan Kampung KB Digalakkan Guna Meningkatkan Kualitas Hidup Masyarakat

Wakil Bupati Kayong Utara Idrus menghadiri acara Pencanangan Kampung KB dan Bakti Sosial Manunggal KB-Kesehatan […]

About Kayong Utara

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Kayong Utara region is home to some of the wildest and most unspoiled ecosystems on the planet. With roughly half of the total area of the regency appointed as conservation area, it is a challenge for the local government as policy makers in managing the whole region.

Local government seeks to maximize the benefits for the people living in and around the park while still conserving the natural ecosystem. A sustainable ecotourism program is being developed as a way to promote the region and provide additional income for villages.